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Our carpet installers are equipped with the experience and knowledge to handle any carpet in any situation. They take great pride in making sure seams are properly constructed and the carpet is properly stretched. They end every installation by vacuuming their way out of your house in order to not only make sure they do not leave the customer a mess, but to also give them a chance to go over their work one last time to make sure all the final touches are perfect.

Hard Surfaces

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We install all types of hard surface flooring: vinyl, laminate, tile, and hardwood.  We are members of the NWFA and are very proactive in the industry. Our installers keep up with all the new product information that comes out as well as the latest trends. The construction of hard surface flooring varies with each product and Marc’s Flooring makes sure our installers completely understand how the product is manufactured, what products preform well in different environments, and also the manufactures guidelines as far as installation and maintenance.

Back Splashes

Back splashes are great because there one no two alike and they are the finishing touches to a kitchen or bath. Each back splash is different either by tile type or color, grout color, design within the tiles, or even the way the ends get finished off. Our tile installers are very meticulous and have an eye for detail. If you have the design already or need a little guidance our installers will be happy to bring it to life.